"Keep Moving" tells the inspirational story of a hard working man named Tom Depoto. Tom is in love with the food business and has owned several restaurants through out his life. His current gem is a small breakfast diner called Tom’s Coffee Shop in Wallingford, CT. Tom speaks about his life experiences, relationships with town locals, and his never ending pursuit to satisfy his hungry costumers.

Director/Editor/Producer - Ryan Sheehy (GetRyanSheehy.com)

Cinematographer - Joe Gray (JGrayCreative.com)

Scored by - Thomas Woodring (Woodringmusic.com)

Sound Mixer - Kristopher Sheehy (KristopherSheehy.com)

Photographer - Marissa Carole Dembkoski (MarissaCarolephotography.com

Starring - Tom Depoto

Interviews & Extras:

John Kedves

Ciro the Breadman

Mark Kinard

Kevin Whalen

Brandon Soley

Priscilla Letis

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The Happiest Animals in the World

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I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.
Sylvia Plath   

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